Ronny - © Fotografie: Martin Hogeboom


Today I was shooting a series of photos for catering company Albron in the restaurant of SDU publishers in The Hague. After the shoot they treated me to a nice lunch. Great to taste the salad, sandwiches and soup I shot the preparation of earlier… During this lunch 2 men walked through the restaurant, giving away a delicious new kind of artisan bread.

After this tasteful shoot I returned to the east of Holland: I had shoot a typical dutch portrait of a man with his bike in front of a windmill. When my model Ronny van der Horst arrived, he mentioned that he had just returned from The Hague… I said what a coincidence, me too!

Then he said that he was a baker and had been promoting and passing out artisan bread there in the restaurant of a publisher. Turns out that the guy that gave me a piece of bread a few hours earlier in the Hague is here in front of my lens! What are the odds of meeting a person you didn’t know before twice on one day, on two locations about 130 km apart… What an unbelievable coincidence!

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